We are a designated driver service founded and based in Port Elizabeth. We offer our clients the intelligent substitute to driving under the influence of alcohol.

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The Offer

The intelligent substitute to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Be driven home in your OWN vehicle by one of our professional team members.

Office operates 365 days a year. Driver will be dispatched as soon as you call.

The Packages

Our online sign up form is quick and easy and will take you no more than a couple of minutes to complete. 

* You need to have graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher from a South African university and be over the age of 21.


Service is everything to us, and we always uphold our “friendly city” standards – ensuring our clients get home safely with a smile on their faces. Additionally, we have kept our “PE” pricing over the years, and are considered the most affordable service in the country… hands down. Our packages are simple, easy to understand, and have no term agreement or any hidden fees.


Questions regarding the contract agreement:

For how long am I bound to my contract?
The agreement becomes valid from the date of signature and continues on a month to month basis. Termination of the contract is possible with one billing month’s notice.
Can I change my contract package?
You may upgrade or downgrade your package via a written request or email.
Who carries the liability if my vehicle is in an accident while a Home James chauffeur is driving it?
In your sign up contract is an indemnity clause. You will have indemnified Home James and its chauffeurs and will therefore have to claim from your insurance.

Questions regarding the contract billing:

What are the payment terms?
Payment is possible by means of a debit order in advance. If you incur a call-out fee, it will be charged in arrears the following month.
Do the unused callouts carry over to the following month?
Unfortunately not
Can I drop my friends off along my way home?
Yes, provided that your friends stay along the route to your home and provided that you inform the driver so that he can notify the call centre.
Am I charged for cancelled call outs?
Yes, a standard cancellation fee of R68 will be added to your callout fee if you cancel a next available callout. The same applies to pre-bookings that are cancelled less than 1 hour before the pre-booked time.

Operational questions:

Can Home James take me home if I do not have my own vehicle with me?
Unfortunately not. The Home James chauffeurs may only take you home in your own vehicle which must be the vehicle specified in your sign-up agreement. Should you change your vehicle, simply notify our office in advance.
What are the Home James office hours and during what hours may we place pre-bookings and next available call-outs?

You may only place pre-bookings and next available call-outs during our office hours. The Home James Home office hours are as follows:
Mon-Sat: 6PM to 1AM
Sun: 6PM to 11PM

How long do I need to wait for my chauffeur after placing my call out request?
The guideline time for your chauffeur to reach you is 30 minutes from the time that you made the request. This will obviously depend on unforeseen circumstances such as road blocks or road closures.
How do I know that my chauffeur is a legitimate Home James chauffeur?
You will be notified of your chauffeur’s name and vehicle details.
How does New Year's Eve work?
New Year’s Eve works on a pre-booking basis only. This ensures that we are able to offer you the best service for your new years eve without any delays.
What happens if there is an accident?
In your sign-up contract you will have indemnified Home James and therefore bear the risk of the service. You will therefore have to claim from your insurance.


Mon-Sat: 6pm to 1am
Sun: 6pm to 11pm

We offer simple month-to-month membership options

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Tel: 086 123 8881

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